Capture My Assets
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Welcome to Capture My Assets!

Capture My Assets™ is a complete approach to documenting your home, your collectibles, and your valuables. Our product provides both simple home inventory software as well as a complete asset management system for collectors of all types! Use our Asset Recovery Kit and software to finally get the job done.

If disaster struck, would you have what you need to recover what you've lost? Are all your records in your home along with your belongings?

Does your insurance company know what you own? When is the last time you performed a home inventory or created a list of your collections and valuables?

Simplicity and flexibility are our key strengths. Our goal is to get everyone to finally take that home inventory - either by hand using the features of the Asset Recovery Kit or with the easy to use software. The program can run off any drive including a flash drive so it is transportable and requires no installation!

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